We are always looking for more helping hands!


Every child deserves a healthy lunch.

Squamish Helping Hands Society is seeking volunteers to help us distribute lunches in the schools to kids in need.

We are looking for warm, friendly volunteers who can donate an hour of their day to pick lunches up from Helping Hands and bring them to the schools to hand out.

Volunteer Job Description-School Lunch


The Drop-In Centre serves 2 hot meals each day, lunch and dinner. Approximately 30-50 meals are served twice daily. Volunteers assist in the kitchen with the preparation, service and clean-up of meals. Volunteers work in a team environment, alongside staff members and interacting directly with clients.

In-Shelter volunteers also help to sort and organize donations received, such as socks, clothing, and personal hygiene supplies.

Volunteer Job Description- In-Shelter Volunteer


The Food Rescue program diverts food from heading to the waste stream and directs it towards community members in need, feeding adults, children and families. Volunteers collect donations of excess unspoiled perishable and prepared food from grocery stores and restaurants and redistribute it to the community through our various programs as well as through the Squamish Food Bank. In doing so, we reduce waste, reduce our food costs, feed more people in the community and deliver food where it is needed most.

Volunteer Job Description-Food Rescue Volunteer


For families, groups and those unable to commit to a regular schedule, there are lots of other ways you can help Squamish Helping Hands.

  • Organize a Donation Drive such as sock drive, boot drive, or coat drive. Please check with us to find out what we need most.
  • Hold your own fundraiser. Your group could hold a bake sale or other idea to raise money for Squamish Helping Hands.
  • Volunteer at Events: From time to time Squamish Helping Hands holds events for which we need volunteers. If this interests you, we will put your name on a list and keep you informed of upcoming opportunities.
  • Bring your talents and interests to Helping Hands to help our clients. Some examples of this include running yoga classes for clients, organizing a book club or perhaps you are a stylist who can offer haircuts!
  • Be an on-call volunteer for the Food Rescue program. Our Food Rescue volunteers pick up food from grocery stores and other locations and deliver it to the shelter. From time to time, volunteers are unable to fulfill their shifts to do illness, vacation etc. On-call volunteers are able to fill-in when regular volunteers are away.
  • Board of Directors and committees. The board of directors oversees the governance and financial management of the Society and plays an important role in developing organization’s goals and strategy. There may also be opportunities to contribute on various committees for special projects or initiatives.

Whether you are interested in volunteering for our kitchen, subcommittees, special projects, marketing or sitting on our Board of Directors, we have a job to match your skill. If you’d like more information on how you can lend a hand, contact us at info@shhs.ca.

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