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There are an estimated 200 homeless people in the Squamish area. We've made the choice to help.

Every day, we prepare 65-120 hot meals for over 100 people, rescue 250-350 pounds of food and redistribute 5-10 boxes of food to community organizations, seniors and families who need it most. In just one year, we serve an average of 35,000 meals - that's more than the entire population of the Sea to Sky corridor. We also provide 12,660 brown bag school lunches, 3000 shelter stays and 3289 volunteer hours.

These numbers are growing.

And that's not all.

We provide a safe, reliable emergency shelter with access to phone, internet, washrooms and shower facilities. Our clients receive individualized support from our network of nurses, mental health professionals and case workers who assist them in their transition from homeless to housed.
24 hours a day, 7 days a week, we are always here to welcome you home until your home is found.
We are more than just a shelter, we are an exchange. At Squamish Helping Hands, we believe that everyone has something to offer. Our clients are encouraged to give back through meaningful work that enables us to focus on keeping food on the table.

We feed, we nourish, we dignify.

What will you bring?

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